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Updated: May 19, 2023

Firstly my apologies if there is a slight delay in replying to your messages - we're trying to keep abreast of various platforms all at once and it sometimes gets a bit tricky.

There is a lot of preparatory work for Friday's meeting going on in the background. We also have various meetings scheduled this week and next with interested parties.

We realise that there has been little notice for the meeting and many of you have expressed your frustration at not being able to attend or take part in the voting process. We are working hard on a technical solution to this and more news will follow tomorrow. On balance we felt it best to call the meeting as soon as possible in view of certain well advertised deadlines.

Tickets have gone well considering it's a weekend but I appeal to all of you to spread the word to friends and family. We have a unique chance to set up the first ever Rugby Union Supporters Trust in England. You can all be there at the beginning of a new era for rugby union fans. It is our belief that, given the current financial difficulties pervading the game in England and Wales, more clubs will come to realise the importance of working more closely with their supporters. They may well use the WWST blueprint and, in future, we will all be able to say that we changed our game for the better.


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