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What is a Supporters Trust?

A Supporters trust is an independent, democratic, not-for-profit, community-based organisation that seeks to give fans a collective voice in the running of the club. 

When can I join the Supporters Trust?

Now! Just follow the link to our Membership Plans page.

How much will it cost to join the Supporters Trust?

We have a tiered membership scheme for adults, depending on what people can afford to pay. Adult membership starts at just £20 a year. Children under 16 can sign up as members for just a fiver.

What will my membership money be used for?

The interim Board members have decided to forego the costs incurred so far in setting up the trust, such as Website subscription and FCA registration fees. We are therefore starting with a blank canvas. There is a charge of around 2% taken by the website host for accepting card payments but 98% of your money will be use for community projects with links to Worcester Warriors. Going forward, as membership grows, we could look to purchase shares in a future Worcester Warriors RFC.

Will the Supporters Trust replace the Warriors Rugby Supporters Club?

Not necessarily. The two entities are not the same. WWST will be completely independent of any future owners of the Rugby Club. The trust will not necessarily be involved in organising supporter events, match-day travel or social occasions and would not seek to impose on any other activities of WRSC, should that organisation continue. 

Are Supporters Trusts charities? 

No. The Trust is a legal entity regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) called a Community Benefit Society (CBS). A Community Benefit Society exists for the broader benefit of the community, in this case the supporters of Worcester Warriors Rugby Club.

So, what is a Community Benefit Society?


CBSs have community benefit written into their governing documents, operating on a democratic one-member-one-vote basis. They can be an attractive prospect for grant-funders who can be safe in the knowledge they are supporting an asset locked organisation. Profits cannot be distributed amongst members or external shareholders and are instead reinvested into the club or returned to the community.

A Community Benefit Society can also issue shares (known as community shares) to its members. 

Organisations and enterprises can invest and buy shares in the society but, regardless of how much is invested, everyone is entitled to just one vote (ensuring everyone has a say in big decisions about the long-term interests of the society).

A CBS offers limited liability for its board-members.

What is the formal name of WWST?

The Financial Conduct Authority does not allow Supporters Trusts to have the word "Trust" in their official title. This is because the term Trust is used for other legal entities. As a consequence we are registered as Worcester Warriors Supporters' Society Limited.


Where can I find the WWST Constitution?

We are listed on the Mutuals Register where you can see our Registration document and our full constitution. Just click on the Documents Tab on the following web page and you will be able to view and download a copy.

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