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WWST New Logo revealed

About six weeks ago we asked for your help in designing a new logo. We had a number of ideas and suggestions, all of which were much appreciated. The directors came to a unaninmous decision on the design itself but there were mixed feelings on the most suitable tagline. The offerings were put to Trust members to vote on and we have a clear winner. Thank you to John Phillips for his suggestion of Semper Bellator (Latin for Always a Warrior) - it succinctly sums up the feeling amongst all members of the Trust and fortifies our desire to keep the club alive. As many of you know, John was responsible for the formation of the first Worcester Warriors Supporters Club over 20 years ago. He has also been the moderator, on and off, of the Warriors' Rugbynetwork Fans' Forum for a similar timeframe. His website is a fantastic resource for those interested in the back story of the game and the early days of professional rugby in Worcester. It seems poetic that someone who has probably done more for the supporters of Warriors than anyone else, has contributed to the turning of a new leaf in the history of the club.

The concerns over potential copyright infringements have led us away from using the official logo in our design. We sincerely hope you like its simple and uncluttered form. Looking forward, we may produce merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs & rugby balls if there is the demand. Please let us know your feedback using, our contact form or by email at

UK Copyright Service Registration Applied


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Dec 15, 2023

Nice job and really like Semper Bellator!

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